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Working with EBAN Living...

We’re all about positive change in the Black community and we’re doing it through personal liberation. Our Stories are to be inspirational, educational or uplifting. And this isn’t where our engagement ends. EBAN Living has a number of new products and activities in the works, and as an active blogger, you’ll be at the top of our list!

We’d like our Story Tellers to submit 1-3 posts per month but always quality over quantity. EBAN Living is sponsored by EBAN hair and skin products which ARE NOT sold in traditional stores, so your success is our success. Also, as long as a blog post is live and available, it has the ability to generate sales, in perpetuity.

Again, YOUR success is OUR success so we’re here to help. Whether it’s a link embed or new Story topic, just let us know.

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A few final Q/A's
What's my expected blog format and submission frequency?

The most traditional and most friendly to ‘search’ is written but we’ll accept written content, videos, images or any combination thereof. As long as the content is yours and fits our format we’ll accept it!

Can I reuse content I've already written elsewhere?

Preferably not verbatim content from a previous posting but if you want to paraphrase a previously published story that’s ok.

My specialty is not written blogs but vlogs or IG. Can I still participate?

Absolutely! We’re looking for uniqueness, creativity and results! If you do things a little differently then that’s ok with us. As long as the content fits our EBAN Living format we’re good!

I know other bloggers that would fit EBAN Living, you take referrals?

We do! Our goal is to uplift our community so the more the better.

What are the payout types again?

Currently we pay via Paypal or Stripe but we’re working on additional payment options for the near future.

How long is my blog eligible to receive sales commissions?

Your blog is eligible to receive commissions for as long as it is live, there is no ending time frame. We will exchange content from time to time to keep things fresh but as long as your post is up and available you’re eligible.

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