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A blog about living life Loud and Unapologetically.

Maybe you're familiar with "Lifestyle Blogs"?
Well... EBAN Living is a little different.

What's EBAN Living?
What's EBAN Living?

Living Your Life Loud and Unapologetically!

EBAN Living is all about enjoying and benefiting from all that life has to offer through outdoor experiences and physical activity. EBAN Living is acting freely in health, happiness and authenticity.

At EBAN, we believe that individuals have limitless potential yet there are barriers that keep us from realizing that potential. We also believe in the healing and protective power of outdoor experiences and physical activity. Through EBAN products and our EBAN Living Storytellers, we look to remove those personal barriers so everyone can live their lives more freely.

What is Eban?!? Eban is an African (Ghanaian) Adinkra symbol, originating from the Akan people. It signifies love, safety and a protective security fence. A home with a fence around it is considered to be an ideal residence because it is worthy of being protected. It is safety.

The EBAN fence symbolically separates and secures our family from outside forces such as the Sun, Sweat, Salt and Clorine. It's also symbolically associated with the security and safety one finds in love.

What is EBAN Living looking for?

Stories that inspire action!

EBAN Living is looking for Storytellers to share their life experiences and life lessons to help inspire our readers to take action in their own lives. We're looking for a combination of motivational stories, how-to's, and inspiring designs that provide guidance, inspiration and/or solutions to common life challenges through posts, images or video or any other way you find creative.
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EBAN Products for Hair & Skin

EBAN is a premium hair and skin care line of products specifically formulated to address Black needs. The EBAN line currently includes a deep conditioner, clarifying shampoo, co-wash and a swimmer's chlorine/salt hair solution. All items are organic and specially formulated to defend against SUN, SALT, SWEAT and CHLORINE - elements that tend to inhibit Black people from living their fullest lives.

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Every EBAN Living Storyteller is a member of our Affiliate Partnership Program and receives a sales commission on ALL EBAN product purchases based off of visits to their content!

Contact us for more details. Contact us via Phone : (+33) 66-1254-611 or Email : dstny@example.com Contact us to find out how you can SHARE STORIES, MAKE MONEY and INPIRE A COMMUNITY through EBAN Living.

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