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The EBAN Living Philosophy

We see results around us all the time.

People traveling the world, leading businesses, running marathons, achieving accomplishments and acquiring things… It can be inspiring, it can be depressing but it also can be confusing. “How did they do that?”   “What did they have to overcome?”   “How long did it take?”   “What was the cost?”

We’re often told WHAT we should “do” and “be” in our lives but we’re rarely told HOW to do it.

Believing that everyone is blessed with limitless potential, it’s our responsibility to cultivate that potential into action; for ourselves and our community.

In order to do that, we’ve pulled together our “Storytellers”, who have faced challenges and have made the decision to not back down. And we’ve asked them to tell their Stories with the explicit purpose of inspiring YOU. To inspire you to move toward enjoying and benefiting from all that life has to offer through outdoor experiences and physical activity. EBAN Living is acting freely in health, happiness and authenticity and our “Storytellers” look to lead by sharing their challenges and the actions that make THEM successful for the expressed purpose of sharing with you the “how”. 

There may not be direct answers for you, but perhaps lessons that help you find your own answers.

EBAN Living supports our Storytellers by making them an integral part of our EBAN Living business model. Each Storyteller earns a commission when someone purchases EBAN Living hair and skin products as a result of visiting their Stories. EBAN Living products are formulated with premium ingredients to help defend hair and skin against sun, sweat, chlorine and salt, in order to help you experience your BEST #EBANLiving.  Your success is our Storyteller’s success which is also EBAN Living’s success. When one wins we ALL win.

There are ONLY two things in life that compel people’s willing behavior; relationships and stories. We hope that through our EBAN Living Stories we compel you to move toward a happier, more fulfilled, healthier life. And perhaps build some relationships along the way too. #ExperiencesOverThings

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