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8 Bulletproof Hairstyles For Your Next Gym Session

8 Bulletproof Hairstyles For Your Next Gym Session

8 Bulletproof Hairstyles For Your Next Gym Session

This article references visiting the gym, however, EBAN fully respects the current COVID-19 crisis and recommends our audience to follow social distancing protocols. We also support the current policies surrounding the suspensions of all public gym activity. During this time, we do not advocate public workouts of any kind that involve large groups of people. Please find a suitable location to continue your exercises, such as a home gym or personal area. These hair tips can still be applied while social distancing.

Exercising regularly has its benefits. Some common ones include weight-loss, energy-gain, self-esteem boost, healthy body, better skin, etc. Mastering how to maintain your natural hair style in the gym however, can be a deterrent if you don’t have a strategy.

I get it, maybe you don’t want to sweat out your edges, frizz up your twist-out…or truthfully, you might just be looking for an excuse to skip your workout but use my 8 bulletproof hairstyles for your next gym session and your hair will no longer be a valid excuse. Either semi-permanent or permanent styles, there are so many to choose from that can help you maintain your natural hair and help you to continue your workout routine without skipping a beat!

Check out my favorite eight bulletproof hairstyles for your next gym session:

Semi-Permanent Looks:

1. Braid-In

Protective hairstyle Braid INA Braid-In is just a cool name I personally made up. If you haven’t heard of a braid-out it’s simply a protective style that requires your hair being in loose plaits until it dries. Depending on thickness, naturals usually keep the style in overnight and unravel them later for a beautiful style of curls. So if you try this method (or desire to) make sure to workout before you take those braids out! The goal is to keep your hair compact and away from your face, and it’s easy to pin plaits away from your face or put them into a ponytail. Keeping the braids in and pinned back can help prevent shrinkage as well!

2. Wear a fake puff

If you can pull your hair into a ponytail or small bun, this style will work great. To create this, simply gather your hair together and add a fake natural hair puff over the ponytail or bun! You can create a high or a low puff and it’s great for protecting your hair as you rub against various surfaces at the gym!

3. Covered Pineapple

Protective hairstyle Covered PineappleThe Covered Pineapple is my favorite gym method because a wash-n-go is my go-to look. This style also keeps your hair protected from dirt as you rub against surfaces at the gym. To get this look, simply put your hair in a high puff, also known in the natural hair community as a “pineapple”. You can cover it (partially or fully) with a scarf or a multipurpose bandana if you want to be fancy. It also makes for a cute accessory if you want to be fashion-forward with your gym look!

4. The Braided Crown

Protective hairstyle Braided CrownIf you’re able to achieve this Braided Crown look, go for it because it’s a really cute style that keeps your hair compact, out of your face and off your neck. You can do flat twists to achieve this style too!

5. Simple Ponytail/bun

Protective hairstyle Simple Ponytail
This style is all about simplicity and protection. It’s for those who simply just want to get to the gym and aren’t overly concerned about appearance (though this style can still be very cute). All you need to do is pull your hair back into a high or mid-high ponytail and you’re done! If you can’t do any other method, you can always go to the simple Ponytail.

Permanent Looks:

If you’re into a more “permanent” gym hairstyle that will last a couple months, check out these next three options. Permanent gym hairstyles can be pretty and super low maintenance because you’ll be able to wash your hair and scalp with ease without ruining the style:

6. Cornrows

This style is popping in the Black hair community and I absolutely love it! Cornrows will keep your hair out of your face and will also keep it protected since natural hair is added to create the style. So when it’s gym time, all you have to do is show up!

7. Box Braids

The benefits of box braids are very similar to cornrows. However, this style is usually not pinned to your scalp and the loose braids will likely require you to put them in a ponytail or bun before your workout. Nonetheless, box braids will completely cover your natural hair and keep it protected!

8. Undercut/Short Cut

If you’re looking for a completely different look and you’re not afraid of scissors, the undercut style could literally be your best life decision! You can go to the gym as you are! There’s no prepping, no scarves, no braids… all you have to do is show up! Additionally, you’ll save money since you’ll be able to use less hair product to wash away sweat and dirt!



You may want to be cute at the gym (hey, maybe you’ll finally run into that husband you’ve been praying for), so using hair accessories can add more edge to your style!

Overall, the products that you use for your hair can have a direct impact on your gym session. Make sure to use the right products that will moisturize and seal your hair during your workout. When your hair is already dry, a workout session can negatively affect your curly tresses and deprive your hair of any remaining moisture left in your hair. In turn, wash day may be a disaster and we definitely don’t want that!
So no more excuses! You may be the queen of excuses like me, but if you use any of these eight bulletproof gym hairstyles, your natural hair can no longer be a reason to miss your gym session. Don’t cheat yourself! You’re bigger than your hairstyle dilemma and EBAN’s got your back!

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