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The Complete Guide to Co Washing with Natural Hair

The Complete Guide to Co Washing with Natural Hair

The Complete Guide to Co Washing with Natural Hair

Co washing with Natural hair is a trend that’s growing fast in the Natural hair community. It’s new because of the general fear that Naturals have about shampoos drying and ruining their hair. It’s catching up because of Black women’s demand for better hair care products that can cleanse AND retain moisture after working out daily or swimming.

So, we at EBAN have taken the opportunity to create “The Complete Guide to Co Washing with Natural Hair” to answer all your questions and help you through a journey that can be both confusing and mind-blowing in order to transform your hair to EPIC status! The Complete Guide to Co Washing with Natural Hair is designed for Black women with natural hair who are looking for a healthier option to cleanse their hair and will help to demystify co washing in detail. By the time you’re done you’ll know the dos and don’ts of co washing and be able to decide if co washing is for you.

So… what is a co wash anyway?

So what is a Co Wash Anyway - EBAN

Short for conditioner washing, co washing is the use of conditioners or conditioner-based cleansers to clean the hair and scalp instead of using a clarifying shampoo. As much as clarifying shampoos can get the cleaning job done, they also leave hair dry and stripped of it’s natural oils, whereas co washing cleanses but leaves all the nutrients in the hair making it moisturized and more manageable!

Learn more about what a co wash actually is.

Why should you co wash instead of shampoo after working out?

Why you should Co wash instead of shampoo after working outPart of having healthy hair is eating right, drinking plenty of water and working out regularly. Basically, it’s tremendously important to stay fit and work out as often as possible, however working out comes at a cost, sweat! Although sweating itself is not a bad thing (it’s actually a good thing) it can cause hair to smell and frizz. And leaving the sweat in your hair is NOT an option!

Washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo every other day makes the situation worse because it exposes your hair to constant stripping of oils and further aggravates dryness. Because of the de-moisturization nature of shampoos, co washing is an excellent alternative. Co washing provides a gentle cleanse that gets the job done while moisturizing your hair in the process.

Why exactly should you co wash instead of shampoo after working out?

Why co washing with Natural hair is so important

Why Co washing natural hair is importantAs part of the co washing community, and more importantly the Black Natural hair community, my main goal is to ensure that you fully understand your true potential when it comes to Natural hair health. That said, it’s also important to note that Natural Black hair, especially type 4, is fine, brittle and prone to damage without proper care.

For this reason, we are exploring all-natural remedies (in this case co washing) to help avoid the dangers of dry hair and helping you achieve “hair heights” that you always thought possible.

Why co washing with natural Black hair is so important…

Co wash and the reduced suds clean (suds don’t equal clean)

Suds don't equal clean - Co wash and reduced suds clean for natural hairSuds are the formation of froth or lather on water. Suds help spread out soap molecules so more of them can work to clear out dirt. Contrary to popular belief, suds don’t actually equate to “clean” but many people believe they do. That’s why many Naturals sometimes overdo it with their shampoos since they’re expecting the amount of lather to equate to the desired level of clean.

Since co washes rarely contain powerful detergents that lather up, it’s easy to believe it’s not doing what it’s supposed to be doing, cleansing properly. False!

EBAN debunks the no suds no clean myth…

The benefit of an aloe/apple cider vinegar/oil co-wash

The Benefit of an Apple Cider Vinegar Aloe Vera Oil Co WashAloe Vera is a medicinal evergreen perennial plant that blooms year round. It has been recently discovered that one of the major benefits of Aloe Vera is its ability to cleanse the scalp and rid it of fungi. The fact that it provides a scalp and fungi cleanse, and is completely natural, makes it a great co wash ingredient.

Apple cider vinegar is just a cleansing god! A simple ACV rinse helps reduce scalp itchiness and tones the pH balance.

Now can you imagine a combination Aloe/Apple cider vinegar co wash?!? The benefits and results are tremendous!

More about the Aloe/ACV/ healing oil co wash…

Wash routines with a gentle co wash vs a shampoo

Wash routines with a gentle co wash vs shampooA complete wash day routine often consists of shampoo, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner then oils and butter, give or take a pre-poo and any other styling products you may need. A VERY familiar routine for many of us. The single problem with this routine is that you can only shampoo your hair, at most, once per week for risk of damaging your hair (and you probably shouldn’t shampoo that often).

Co washing however, can be done every other day if not daily. You may even be able to forego the deep conditioning step, since your hair will already be moisturized, to avoid too much build-up. A consistent routine and a good co wash is ideal for active women who are regularly exposed to sweat, dirt or even dry hair on a regular.

More on finding the right co wash conditioner routine…

Co washing with natural hair – a Step by Step after workout routine

How to Co Wash Natural Black hair - A step by step after workout routineSo now we know about the importance of co washing with Natural hair as it helps tame frizz, keep hair moisturized and, avoids nutrient stripping. But even with all this information, if co washing isn’t done correctly, there may be no point in taking on the chore. In order to maximize the co wash benefits there are things that have to be done correctly.

Some of those things are:

  • Wet your hair completely first.
  • Apply your co washing conditioner evenly and thoroughly.
  • Massage it into your scalp and work it down the lengths of your hair
  • Read more here…

How to co wash after exercise step by step

EBAN’s Mission

Follow our “Complete Guide to Co Washing with Natural Hair” series as we demystify co washing, explore it’s magical possibilities and help you take advantage of this hidden gem in your beautiful and healthy hair journey. We’ll also be featuring other hair care routines and information in order to help you receive the benefits of exercise AND the benefits of healthy hair. Our mission at EBAN is to help you live your Loudest and Most Unapologetic Life!
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