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Why you should Co wash instead of shampoo after working out

Why It’s Better to Co Wash Instead of Shampoo After Working Out

Why It’s Better to Co Wash Instead of Shampoo After Working Out

Why Co Wash Instead of Shampoo?

Working out helps increase blood flow to the scalp thus promoting hair health and growth. As much as exercise is important, it also involves sweating which can be problematic for natural hair. Sweating is not the problem however, it is leaving sweat in the hair to air dry that is the problem! When sweat dries, it leaves a residue of salt flakes making hair irritable, itchy and, in some cases, may block the pores from doing their work.

Is it possible to wash your hair every day after working out?

Yes!It’s very possible to cleanse hair daily without damage. How? By using a gentle, suds-free cleanser such as an all-natural co wash.

Not only are co washes super gentle on the scalp and hair, but they recondition hair after every wash making it an ideal everyday cleanse without the fear of dryness and frizz. It’s also important to remember that a co wash does not strip hair completely but aims to lift dirt, debris and any kind of build-up that is on the scalp and hair.

Although a co wash doubles as a conditioner, always follow a co wash with a conditioner, and if your hair is very dry, follow up with a deep conditioning mask to be sure you’ve replaced enough moisture.

Why not use a shampoo?

Shampoos are made of very powerful surfactants and sometimes sulfates that are harsh on hair. That said, they should be limited to only once a week if not longer. This is simply because, frequent washing of the scalp can interfere with the micro organisms in the scalp leading to scalp problems. Shampoo cleans can allow bacteria and fungi to grow due to it cleansing the microorganisms which exist to HELP the scalp fight inflammation and dandruff.

Additionally, the scalp is fully equipped with natural oils and sebum that regulate the moisture and hydration content in the hair, and with too much cleansing, these naturally occurring oils are stripped from the scalp leading to damage.

Finally, hair is made up of protein cells called keratin. Keratin cells are lost every time hair is cleansed leading to weak strands that are protein-deprived.

Although there are natural shampoos that are gentle on both scalp and hair, it is unwise to cleanse hair every day with these for the reasons mentioned above. It is recommended, however, that you have a natural clarifying shampoo that you use at least once a month to remove build-up on the scalp that has accumulated from other sources of buildup and styling products.

Even though a co wash works as well as a good shampoo, it cannot get rid of petroleum-based styling products as they are heavier and require a much stronger cleanser to remove.

What should a good co wash have, or not have?

A good co wash should not contain any kind of silicones. Silicones add slip (slip itself is a good thing) but contribute too much to build-up in the hair (bad thing). Silicones are like liquid plastic; meaning that they form a coating around the hair strand that does not allow water or any kind of products to penetrate. This coating gives a fake illusion of shine because light reflects off it but the hair underneath doesn’t receive the nutrients it needs to remain healthy. Silicone-coated hair does not thrive, is damage-prone, brittle and has stunted growth. Although there are water soluble silicones, it’s better to opt for a naturally occurring slip derived from plants rather than anything artificial.

Your co wash ingredients should be 100% natural and should be completely beneficial to you as an individual as well as your hair. It should not have any GMOs, Parabens, sulfates or any other harmful products or preservatives that may interfere with your scalp’s pH.

The EBAN takeaway

The need to wash out sweat, salt water or chlorine after a regular workout or swimming can be dreaded and can become a deterrent to a healthier lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be tough though. Grab a bottle of EBAN Cleanse co wash and treat yourself to an every day wash without the worries of keeping hair soft, moisturized and conditioned. Don’t forget to follow up with a conditioner! EBAN has you covered there as well with our Quick Clean Duo co wash and conditioner pair.

Remember to be gentle with your hair and protect it at night with a satin bonnet. Good luck!

EBAN’s “Complete Guide” Series

Follow our “Complete Guide to Co Washing with Natural Hair” series as we demystify co washing, explore it’s magical possibilities and help you take advantage of this hidden gem in your beautiful and healthy hair journey. We’ll also be featuring other hair care routines and information in order to help you receive the benefits of exercise AND the benefits of healthy hair. Our mission at EBAN is to help you live your Loudest and Most Unapologetic Life!
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