What is EBAN Living?

EBAN Living is enjoying and benefiting from all that life has to offer through outdoor experiences and physical activity. EBAN Living is acting freely in health, happiness and unapologetic authenticity!
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Who is EBAN Living?

EBAN Living is “Storytellers” sharing their life experiences and lessons to help readers realize their unlimited potential. Their stories are a combination of motivationals, how-to’s, and inspiring designs that provide guidance, inspiration and/or address life challenges.

Complete Black hair care set

How does EBAN Living do it?

EBAN Living’s Storytellers are supported by EBAN premium hair and skin care products. All EBAN products are organic and specially formulated to defend against SUN, SALT, SWEAT and CHLORINE; elements that tend to inhibit Black people from living their fullest lives. When you buy EBAN products you support your favorite Storyteller while getting a premium product formulated especially for YOU!
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Co wash

So what is a Co Wash Anyway - EBAN

What is a Co Wash Anyway?!?

For those that fully understand what a gentle cleanser should be, we know the co wash to be the holy grail. For others who are asking the question "What is a co wash anyway?!?"...

Why Co washing natural hair is important

Why Co Washing Natural Hair is Important

Throughout American history Natural Black hair has evoked PLENTY of unfair and negative stereotypes as well as actual discrimination and marginalization. To manage "expectations", fit in with peer groups, sustain livelihoods (and a host...

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